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When Gene Steinmeyer retired from coaching in 2012, he began writing about his basketball experiences. He published his first book, "When the Nets Came Down for Brenda," in July 2012. He later released his second book "27 Two Tales of Perfection" in July 2013.
When the Nets Came Down for Brenda — Sport Tour in Maryville, MO

When the Nets Came Down for Brenda

"When the Nets Came Down for Brenda" is the story of Brenda Florian and her courage about 18 incredible months that goes far beyond celebrating a championship.

27 Two Tales of Perfection

"27 Two Tales of Perfection" is the story of two teams of that were intertwined by both generations of the athletes and traditions for 27 games separated by 25 years.

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