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When Gene Steinmeyer retired from coaching in 2012, he began writing about his basketball experiences. He published his first book, "When the Nets Came Down for Brenda," in July 2012. He later released his second book "27 Two Tales of Perfection" in July 2013, and his third book "I'm Not Irish" is now available.

I'm Not Irish -

The Incredible Journey of Wilson Fitzpatrick
Wilson Fitzpatrick is an African American who grew up in Marshall, Missouri. He was born in Kansas City, Kansas during the Great Depression. While still an infant, the Fitzpatrick family moved to Marshall to be close to family.

Wilson spent his entire adolescence in Marshall. His family was one of just a handful of black families living in the white part of Marshall. His father was a janitor at Missouri Valley College and his mother repaired drapes from her home.

There were many hardships for blacks in Marshall during the 1940’s and 1950’s. Wilson attended the all-black Lincoln School in Marshall until tenth grade. During his last three years of high school, Wilson was bused to Sedalia. Wilson excelled in athletics at C.C. Hubbard High School and earned an athletic scholarship to Wilberforce University in Ohio.

Forced to return home his sophomore year, Wilson helped care for his sick mother until her death. Unable to return to Wilberforce, Wilson joined the Air Force. His military experience took him took him to Japan and the Far East. He was in Lincoln, Neb. when his military obligation ended.

Recruited to play basketball at Nebraska, Wilson helped break color barriers on the basketball team. He led the Cornhuskers in one of the most memorable seasons in Nebraska history.

After graduation, Wilson found racial roadblocks trying to begin a career in education. He finally found acceptance in a small, rural, all white community in Southeast Nebraska. It was at Lewiston, Neb that Wilson left an indelible mark on his students.
Now, over 50 years later, his grateful students are still honoring Wilson. The book chronicles this remarkable individual’s journey through turbulent times in America’s history.
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When the Nets Came Down for Brenda — Sport Tour in Maryville, MO

When the Nets Came Down for Brenda

"When the Nets Came Down for Brenda" is the story of Brenda Florian and her courage about 18 incredible months that goes far beyond celebrating a championship.

27 Two Tales of Perfection

"27 Two Tales of Perfection" is the story of two teams of that were intertwined by both generations of the athletes and traditions for 27 games separated by 25 years.

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