Here’s a Hawaii trivia question for you; what store is known as the store with Aloha? Even if you lived in Honolulu, you may not be able to answer that trivia question. A second hint that this store is found on every street corner in Waikiki and everyone knows the answer. The ABC Store is found everywhere.

The ABC Stores open early and close late. It has almost anything you might need or might have forgotten. What if you headed for Hawaii this December and forgot your swimming suit. That’s almost reason to check for head injuries. You can avoid looking like you might be headed to a retirement home by ducking into an ABC Store and finding a swim suit in an aloha design.

Really anything you might have forgotten can be found at the ABC Store. All kinds of personal items can be found in this handy store. Don’t worry if airplane food has upset your stomach. There are all kinds of cures at ABC for all kinds of ills.

What if you want to have a moment with your wife or girlfriend on the balcony of your hotel? Try their selection of wines, especially the local use of grapes or even pineapple wine. Why not buy a couple of candles to add to the atmosphere?

The ABC Stores can help people on the opposite end of the spectrum. What if you are about sick of all the orders you have received from your husband or wife? The ABC Store is there for you again with a fine selection of hard liquors.

When you head to the beach, the most common item brought along is a beach mat, purchased probably, guess where, from your local ABC Store. So were the big beach towel and the sun screen to keep away the sun burn. I even bought Sam a buggie board when he made the trip with me. It cost more to ship home than it was priced at the ABC Store.

There are a lot of great places to go and see in Waikiki and the island of Oahu. Don’t worry, though, sooner or later, you’ll end up at an ABC Store.