Waikiki is a great place to stay and play when in Hawaii. Sometimes it’s fun to stray from all this fun and venture out and explore the island of Oahu. Every Saturday, there is a local “Farmer’s Market” in the parking lot of the junior college across from Diamond Head.

It’s a great place with all the smells and sounds of what you would expect from a Farmer’s Market in Hawaii. It’s not your Midwest farmer’s market, that’s for sure. However, sometimes those Saturdays are filled with games and activities and it only lasts from 8 to 11AM.

An even better option might be the Aloha Flea Market at Aloha Stadium. Aloha Stadium is just past the airport and right across the road from Pearl Harbor. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Waikiki,depending on the traffic. Cheap or free transportation is usually available for the largest flea market in Hawaii. Just ask at the front desk.

The Aloha Flea Market is open on Wednesdays, Saturday sand Sundays from 8 AM to 3 PM. There are more than 400 local merchants selling their wares. It’s impossible to see everything in one day. The best advice is to start early and enjoy the experience.

At one time, there was a giant souvenir shop called Hilo Hatti’s. It was a souvenir shop on steroids. That was always my recommendation. Sadly, the big store found near the airport has closed. The Aloha Flea Market is the logical option now.

You can find cheap souvenirs for you friends, a special gift for that really special friend, and even cheaper T-Shirts for your relatives. There’s great food at the flea market, even some products you can take home with you. Just don’t take plants home.

My personal favorite is the man with the machete. He hacks the end off of a coconut and hands it over to you with a straw. It’s yourself-service coconut water outlet. It’s pretty refreshing after some serious shopping.

I know this may be too time consuming, but I have never heard a complaint from one of my travelers. Everyone loves it and recommends it. It may be worth a half day or more to explore all the local trinkets and treats.