Today, I picked up the Hoop N Surf programs from the owner of a local printing company.His name is Matt Gaarder.When I coached the women’s basketball team at Northwest Missouri State, Matt was the voice of our team.

We planned a trip to Hawaii and it worked right into the plans of Matt and his fiancée, Sherry.The pair took time to find the perfect spot on the beach for a sunset wedding. It was a perfect wedding with perfect wedding and a perfect sunset. Each year, I stop by and wish Matt a happy anniversary, knowing it’s that time of the year.

The following time we traveled to Hawaii, the brother of one of my players stole Matt’s idea.This time the brother had a big wedding reception after sunset.I had to warn the players to behave themselves as all were invited.

I also coached at Doane College.The Doane coach, Tracee Fairbanks, played for me and was a co-captain her senior season.The other captain, Mari Maaske, went into business with me on this sports travel corporation.

One year, a coach from Indiana asked Mari what he could do for a romantic night. The coach and his wife were celebrating their 10th anniversary. Mari thought about it and suggested a stand in one of the local businesses that sold pearls right out of the clams.They even made a setting and chain for the necklace.

Mari suggested he give to her while they went on a sunset dinner cruise.He took Mari’s suggestion and did exactly what she suggested.The next day, he couldn’t thank Mari enough for her insight.

That night, his team lost a 10 point lead late in the game.He blamed the officials which meant he blamed the person that hired them, which was Mari.After yelling at Mari, he pouted the rest of the trip.We haven’t seen him or his team again although we are coming up on their 20th anniversary.

One special night for my team during the trips to Hawaii was a great final meal at the Shore Bird Restaurant in the Outrigger Reef Hotel.All the parents would come, the players all showed off their new warm weather dresses and the college would foot the bill, which was much larger than the school would have approved.Sometimes, secrets from your bosses isn’t all bad.

The college players and coaches all like a little free time to enjoy Hawaii.There still can be those special moments that make Hawaii unforgettable.