“Perfection is unattainable.”You know who said that?It was Tin Cup (Roy McVoy) as he was giving Molly Griswold her first golf lesson in the movie, Tin Cup.Ofcourse, Roy was talking about the sport of golf.

When you get to Hawaii, the urge to hit the links may be too hard to resists.I’m going to give you five golf courses that will prove that perfection is indeed unattainable.

December is the rainy season, but the sunniest side of the island is the west shore.That’s where you find the Ko Olina Golf Club.This course yearly hosts a PGA event.It was ranked as one of the 75 most difficult by Golf Digest.

Arnold Palmer put his signature on the Turtle Bay Resort, the Palmer Course.Turtle Bay features 36 holes on the North Shore.It is near the famous surfing site, the Pipeline.Despite the beauty of the North Shore, you don’t find a lot of ocean-front views.Palmer designed the course so that you are protected from the stiff winds off the ocean.

The Ko’olau Golf Club is on the highway toward the windward side of the island.It is a very difficult course because of the deep jungles and the deep ravines.You can enjoy the beauty of the Emerald Green Cliffs while fighting to stay out of jungles or ravines.

Near Ko’olau Golf Club, you find the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club.This is a Pete and Perry Dye designed course.It has been carved out of the rain forest.It is difficult and a very beautiful location.

The fifth and final course I’ll mention is the Hawaiian Prince Golf Club.Arnold Palmer also had a hand is designing this course.It can be found in the same area on the road to the windward side of Oahu.It features 90 white sand bunkers, 10 lakes and a great mountain view.

There are many more courses on the island.I sent a golf team last March that played a tournament above Pearl Harbor.Give golf a try if it is a passion of yours.Just remember, “Perfection is unattainable.”